Monday, May 31, 2010

Baking and Buddies

Friends are the best :) I spent all Saturday hanging out with one of my besties- we call her Bean- and inevitably, we ended up looking for something to do. After a long day of swimming and sunning, we made ourselves a lovely salad with strawberries, cashews, chicken and poppyseed dressing (my new obsession), but we were craving a yummy dessert.

After a good 30 min of browsing through (obviously) we came across these beauties: Rasberry Cheesecake Bars. They looked superb- and tasted even better! The combination of flavors from the almond crust (delightfully cruchy), the creamy cheescake, the sweet jam (we used strawberry instead of rasberry), and the suprising coconut to top it off was unreal- beyond addicting, approaching euphoric.

We sampled and tasted at all intervals of the process (the recipie is suprisingly effortless)- SO excited for the final result. Shuckydarns. We forgot in all our excitement that cheesecake type items take multiple hours to chill.
But we couldn't wait to get our hands on our concoction- so we ate the warm cheesecake bars with ice cream! Sounds wierd- but it was AMAZING! cheesecake a la mode.

All I have to say is STOP whatever you are doing now and get going. No matter how you decide to eat them, these rasberry (or strawberry) cheesecake bars will rock your world. And then some.

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