Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer means SMOOTHIES!

What's a better treat than a freshly blended smoothie on a hot summer's day? Anything? Hm, I thought not.
Summer + sunshine + smoothies = SUPER.
Ok greaattt. So since the last two recipes or so that I've posted have come off of various websites not my own- I thought it would be interesting to post one of my own creations. And for me, smoothies are where it's at. They call me the Smoothie
Well mabs not, but they are my favorite concoction. Sweet, refreshing, semi-healthy- and SO EASY. If you keep the ingredients on hand always, a delicious drink is never out of reach.

Most of the time, I blend together frozen vanilla yogurt (ok so maybe not ALL that healthy- but SO good), frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, mangoes- whatever you please!) a whole banana, and OJ. No measuring necessary. This is one of the few things I'm a-ok with "feeling" out, and tasting as I go.

And smoothies are so versatile! Another personal favorite of mine is blending together Chocolate Soy Milk and Frozen Bananas. Only 2 ingredients- tastes like a milkshake- minus the 1,000 calories :/

And after hearing about how FANTASTIC the chunky strawberry, peanut butter, and granola smoothie is from Jamba Juice, I decided to attempt a similar version.
Peanut Butter and strawberry? Weird right? and Granola- whhaattt?
I'm actually not even sure I can count this as a smoothie- it's more like a blended parfait- the use of a spoon is highly recommended.

Surgeon General's Warning: Do not attempt to drink this with a straw. The risk of choking or, worse, permanent puckerface runs high with this thick dreamy creamy chunky combination.

To make your own: add generous scoops of vanilla Fro-Yo, frozen strawberries (I added blueberries too), a whole banana, skim milk, a few tablespoons of organic PB. Throw in some granola if you please. Put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up, whip it- whip it good, mix it all together- oh yeah- WHAT EVA until everything's all blended.
Pour into tall clear glasses, top with honey sweetened granola and sliced bananas.
Presentation? Incredible. Texture? Superb. Taste? Un. Be. lievable.

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